Thursday, April 11, 2013

You ran away

You had lost track of time
And you followed me all the way
I had you in my hands
Suddenly you slipped away
You fell into my rabbit hole
But you found a way out and off you went
When I looked away
You ran away

And they say I had it coming

I sailed away
in the ocean of bliss
chasing that good feeling
reeling it in

You ate the food I gave you
I thought you liked it but you don't
You string lines and I string along
I had you smiling but now you won't
My naive lips and eyes
smile back at you but still off you go
When I looked away
You ran away

The northern lights got me mesmerized
A beauty I could not resist
Bright lights got me blind
It is but a crime to insist

1 comment:

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