Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Oh God please let me read your mind

If there is a will, there is God's way
If I follow my own, I will definitely go astray
But what should I do?
I cannot read the signs
I'm bound to go straight
But all I see are curve lines
Oh God please let me read your mind
My ears have gone deaf and my eyes are blind
I asked for one but you gave me two
Answers you give seem ambiguous too!
Why are you so fond of playing games?
Do you enjoy watching me play with flames?
I fly around in circles
And burnt my wings
I carve on my heart
the scars that life brings
Where do I get to see the pot of gold?
At the rainbow's foot; It's been foretold
But how far should I go for me to see?
Oh I really can't help but worry!
I wonder if you even hear my cries
Then you nudged me to open my eyes
The end is not where the treasure lies
The journey itself is a blessing in disguise
Coz for every pain I've endured
A lesson is learned
For every wrong turn I make
I discover new roads to take
I should never be afraid to commit a mistake
Thus hold stronger to thy faith when the future's at stake
And if ever I'll feel I made a wrong choice
I'll pray in silence to hear your voice
And let me realize the things I do not see
Where I am now is where I'm supposed to be
In times I find myself in state of confusion
I must let God worry about the destination
Whenever I feel lost
Trust God at all cost
And forever keep in mind
that the perfect plan is the blueprint that God designed

By PsychoFish

Monday, September 13, 2010

Playful fingers

Playful fingers produce good music
It works like charm; It works like magic
The trick to making her happy
is a little sense of creativity
He plays with her wits
She defends with her fists
But has she been hooked at once
to the man with skillful hands?

He irks her intently
and finds the look on her face so priceless
His fingers are itchy and seems like pretty effortless
how he paints her portrait with a Mona Lisa smile
when he pulls off crappy jokes but delivers it with style

He crafts her mood; lifts her up when she feels bad
He would never want to see her sad
As he tries to give her a perfect glow
He plays with the colors of the rainbow
He stands by her side with all his heart
As passionate as his love for art

The way he comforts makes her linger
for every subtle touch from the tip of his finger
as it runs a smooth rhythm on her skin
The mellow tune tells how at ease she has been

He suavely strums the strands of her hair
as if he’s luring her to sleep
Responses are naïve but still waters run deep
For every stroke vibrates deep down to the core
To his playful fingers she was drawn closer more and more

And each day it gradually progresses
as he gives her sweet caress with artistic finesse
She likes how he cares and handles her gently
like how music is played slowly and elegantly

by PsychoFish

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Green-eyed Monster

I need a doctor. I am sick.
I must have eaten an unripe food that caused me stomach pain.
My eyes look stern and turning green.
And the sinister shade spreads across my whole face.
I'm afraid I am morphing into a green-eyed monster - 
once again.
I need a cure.

But don't I look cute when I'm green?

Disclaimer: Images are obtained from Google.

Monday, April 05, 2010

My theory on life after death

I recently had a sudden vision what life after death is gonna be like. My foresight manifests that earthly death is just the beginning of an endless cycle of life as vast as how far one’s imagination can go. It’s like traversing into a different dimension wherein you will have the full control of your life’s episodes.  Imagine having the ability to create your own world that would feed your own fantasies. You can choose to experience a specific stage of your life or even put yourself in another person’s shoes in a particular era of time. You have all the authority to predefine events and circumstances and bestow your living creations with the same prudence we, the so-called humans of this dimension, are privileged of having.  Go beyond the boundaries of reality as you create things or places that never existed or allow certain creatures to do things you were not aware they are capable of doing. Or you can simply sit back from afar and watch everything pass right through your very own eyes. All intended for your own pleasure.
        Hence, it is of importance to gather many experiences and knowledge as you can, enhance your sense of imagination and creativity, and live your life to the full before the grim reaper descends on you.  When you cross this mysterious life after death phenomenon, the aggregate knowledge you have acquired becomes the foundation of your imagination. These thoughts you make become reality. These realities make up your own universe. And it is a running process that goes on for eternity until or unless your mind weakens and gets disoriented. If this happens, your universe will shatter and the nearby predominant universe created by another will absorb the destabilized ones.  You’ll end up being a part of someone else’s creation. The earthly cycle repeats from then on.
In this facet, only the strong and stable mind prevails. And I must say that He who created the universe I currently live in is of incomparable greatness. I am extremely amazed of how intricate yet flawless His architecture was. I would find it hard to believe to have someone surpass or even equally match this excellent design.  My mind couldn’t even grasp how long did it take Him to finally achieve this mastery of creation.  He who knows everything; can see and feel through us, He who is present anywhere; can travel back and forth time, and He who has the power to make all things possible upon His will up to the limits of His own imagination. And as His creation, all of our doings are intended for the purpose of granting His satisfactions.
Time will come that we will be able to enjoy the same pleasure of having the power to create as we are all crafted in our creator’s own image and likeness.
Did I say time will come? Nah… Those with great minds have been exercising this innate ability as early as the Stone Age or even way earlier. Apparently, the methods and technology we conveniently utilize today, from the simplest to the most advanced, existed only in the minds of the people who lived before us and were formerly considered a mad idea. The theories once labeled as absurd became facts through the course of time. Those who had the guts to deviate reality were criticized but through faith and persistence have managed to make impossible things possible.
 Our life here on earth is a training ground to prepare us to paint our own picture in a universal scale. Soon thereafter we are going to face a greater challenge and definitely a most exciting life beyond death. 

Disclaimer: Images are obtained from Google.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

No! I am not going to tackle about a fantasy film in my first ever blog post. The title just suits the blog concept perfectly. The core reason why I opted to launch this blog is for me to have a means to share my fantasies to the world. I would be more than delighted to have someone ride along with my wildest imaginations, bizarre dispositions in life, and my quest to satisfy my limitless curiosities.
As passionate as I can get, I awfully enjoy my so-called adventures in Wonderland. Every so often, I catch myself in a dream state while awake. I usually think of pleasantly strange thoughts, my hopes and ambitions, and even out of this world ideas. The best part of this practice is there are no restrictions. As crazy as it sounds, it is the only place I am able to find answers to mysterious questions which reality couldn’t offer so far. Isn’t that pretty exciting and intriguing?
Unfortunately, I decided to keep the introduction short and sweet to trigger even the tiniest amount of your curiosity.
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~Albert Einstein
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