Monday, September 13, 2010

Playful fingers

Playful fingers produce good music
It works like charm; It works like magic
The trick to making her happy
is a little sense of creativity
He plays with her wits
She defends with her fists
But has she been hooked at once
to the man with skillful hands?

He irks her intently
and finds the look on her face so priceless
His fingers are itchy and seems like pretty effortless
how he paints her portrait with a Mona Lisa smile
when he pulls off crappy jokes but delivers it with style

He crafts her mood; lifts her up when she feels bad
He would never want to see her sad
As he tries to give her a perfect glow
He plays with the colors of the rainbow
He stands by her side with all his heart
As passionate as his love for art

The way he comforts makes her linger
for every subtle touch from the tip of his finger
as it runs a smooth rhythm on her skin
The mellow tune tells how at ease she has been

He suavely strums the strands of her hair
as if he’s luring her to sleep
Responses are naïve but still waters run deep
For every stroke vibrates deep down to the core
To his playful fingers she was drawn closer more and more

And each day it gradually progresses
as he gives her sweet caress with artistic finesse
She likes how he cares and handles her gently
like how music is played slowly and elegantly

by PsychoFish
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