Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Oh God please let me read your mind

If there is a will, there is God's way
If I follow my own, I will definitely go astray
But what should I do?
I cannot read the signs
I'm bound to go straight
But all I see are curve lines
Oh God please let me read your mind
My ears have gone deaf and my eyes are blind
I asked for one but you gave me two
Answers you give seem ambiguous too!
Why are you so fond of playing games?
Do you enjoy watching me play with flames?
I fly around in circles
And burnt my wings
I carve on my heart
the scars that life brings
Where do I get to see the pot of gold?
At the rainbow's foot; It's been foretold
But how far should I go for me to see?
Oh I really can't help but worry!
I wonder if you even hear my cries
Then you nudged me to open my eyes
The end is not where the treasure lies
The journey itself is a blessing in disguise
Coz for every pain I've endured
A lesson is learned
For every wrong turn I make
I discover new roads to take
I should never be afraid to commit a mistake
Thus hold stronger to thy faith when the future's at stake
And if ever I'll feel I made a wrong choice
I'll pray in silence to hear your voice
And let me realize the things I do not see
Where I am now is where I'm supposed to be
In times I find myself in state of confusion
I must let God worry about the destination
Whenever I feel lost
Trust God at all cost
And forever keep in mind
that the perfect plan is the blueprint that God designed

By PsychoFish
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