Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Oh God please let me read your mind

If there is a will, there is God's way
If I follow my own, I will definitely go astray
But what should I do?
I cannot read the signs
I'm bound to go straight
But all I see are curve lines
Oh God please let me read your mind
My ears have gone deaf and my eyes are blind
I asked for one but you gave me two
Answers you give seem ambiguous too!
Why are you so fond of playing games?
Do you enjoy watching me play with flames?
I fly around in circles
And burnt my wings
I carve on my heart
the scars that life brings
Where do I get to see the pot of gold?
At the rainbow's foot; It's been foretold
But how far should I go for me to see?
Oh I really can't help but worry!
I wonder if you even hear my cries
Then you nudged me to open my eyes
The end is not where the treasure lies
The journey itself is a blessing in disguise
Coz for every pain I've endured
A lesson is learned
For every wrong turn I make
I discover new roads to take
I should never be afraid to commit a mistake
Thus hold stronger to thy faith when the future's at stake
And if ever I'll feel I made a wrong choice
I'll pray in silence to hear your voice
And let me realize the things I do not see
Where I am now is where I'm supposed to be
In times I find myself in state of confusion
I must let God worry about the destination
Whenever I feel lost
Trust God at all cost
And forever keep in mind
that the perfect plan is the blueprint that God designed

By PsychoFish


  1. if you can read God's mind life is so boring. just trust in his plans everything will be fine. you are 1 of the most wonderfull person I've ever met. in everything you do, in every decision you will make. I know at some point you'll get what you really want. coz you deserve nothing but the best. and you are the best!



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