Thursday, May 30, 2013

In this circle of life

I was caught off guard
The dead had risen
My eyes were wide open
But didn't see it coming

You had to be isolated

to see what's real
We had to be miles apart
to uncover the truth

Circle of LifeWhat appeared to be causes our pain
What lay beneath causes their pain
It is only one or the other
And the choice has been made

Why did we deny the wonderful things?

Both have failed
We believed the make believe
Such a disgrace
But the divine has own plans
of changing our course
Our souls have seen
Our souls have felt
Now we're back to where we’ve started

And so we dance in freedom

In this circle of life
Black and white fit together and make whole
You no longer exist
I am no longer here
Only one prevails
In this circle of life

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