Friday, June 14, 2013

Glorious Gift

In pursuit of thy twin flame
Thou wander here and about
Seek thy music of thine soul
In thy passion thou devout

Thou bumped into thy pearl
A princess dumbfounded
Across thy vast ocean
To a siren song I heeded

And I wonder; And I ponder
Slowly fades away to slumber
When thou sing me to sleep
My dreams come in heap

Whispers of pure love
When my eyes were closed
I did not hear it for sure
But to my heart disclosed

I conquered the seas
Doubts have gone faded
A desire to be one
Heaven and earth collided

My hair flows like river
With thine fingers running over
Thy caress I linger
Thy sweet words I hunger

Thou draw me nice houses
Thou paint it with love
Beneath thy sturdy roof
Secured in love

We turn a page or two
Discoveries come as food
We share in such odd fashion
Carving secrets on wood

We love to play with phrases
We use words in style
We craft songs or letters
Never fails to make one smile

Genuine stories in forms of art
Melodies from one's own heart 
To the world we doth bring
Mere beautiful things

One of mind; the other of heart
Opposites compliment
One speaks and one listens
A teacher and a student

A noble man thou art
Looks upon me with respect
Thou possess unabiding wisdom
What others would not expect

Thou hold courage and dignity
On a pedestal thou stood
Thou throw thy firm words
Desires to be understood

Once whole; cut in half
We entwine like crazy
Like there is no tomorrow
Watchers go envy

Never good in goodbyes
The way thou hug me tight
How hard it truly is
To leave each other's sight

When I stare in thine eyes
I see thy beauty of flowers
And at once I realise
We are born star crossed lovers

Who art thou to me?
I pose a question in starry nights
Heaven's sent; A glorious gift 
As thine good name implies

In the hour of mercy
We pray for our dear souls
Our communion; a destiny
Upon us grace shall fall

We patiently anticipate
The grandiose day to manifest
When we will never ever have to part
Livin' life the fullest

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