Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a battery

Why this fate?
Those men with no face
murdered me with no remorse
Why this fate?
Those three blind mice
They run faster than a horse

But they don't have feet

Am I dead?
My body was lying dead
But I'm standing right here
Am I dead?
Do I breathe the same air?
Can they see or hear me?

Where should I go?

I was dead but I woke up
When I woke up
I am different

I'm a battery 
What it's like to have this energy?
Let me be a shining light for you
I grew wings
What it's like to fly so freely
I'll soar up in the sky with you

I am never the same
I chose a different way
I'm a battery

But How long?
I've waited in line
Been here for a while
But How long?
Till I see his face
And look deep into his eyes

to finally see the truth

And it's happening right before my very eyes
I'm dying and living at the same time
to see a whole new light

By PsychoFish

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